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  1. I'm pretty sure I downloaded it fully, I have 4G internet, the installer finished downloading in about two seconds. Maybe there's a problem with the installer? Because I had a whole bunch of folders and files that weren't there before. The updater even said it had "downloaded everything," but it failed to extract Menu UI.zip (DataUI) to the game folder. I was missing fmodex.dll from the game folder, so my sound probably wouldn't process because of that. Whenever you run the game, and you look at the game folder at the same time, a .dll called '39dll.dll' will come up. Shall I upload fmodex.dl
  2. Yeah, I'm running Vista, I'm fine anyway. When I got the The World.exe from the FAQ Luke posted in Feedback, and it did something that fixed it: 1. There are two new DLLs in the same folder as The World.exe, the program referenced by the shortcut: 39dll.dll and fmodex.dll 2. There are two new INIs: Menu.ini and Settings.ini 3. There is a new folder: Menu UI
  3. I've tried running the original program, The World.exe, but it says that the engine didn't work. When I run the Engine.exe, it works and at least changes the cursor and shows loading, but it immediately throws out an error. I've tried reinstalling, but that just ruined it. Um, I've attached a picture of the error, please look at it right away. PS: There's a secret zip file called Menu UI.zip, located in the program's folder inside DataUI. Should we extract that? Edit: I've added a second error message that comes up after running "The World.exe" and pressing Play Game. It normally says it h
  4. Wow Crim, you actually thought i was new xD :D
  5. I pieced together the last few puzzle pieces, here's what I have. "Eight stars sit, where one once fell. She bears her fangs, and weeps as well. And if a star should fall again. Who will stop her in the end?" Any ideas about Who that would be? ME :D (Lol JAY KAY) o.o
  6. Not trying to necropost, but... My Idea for a UI ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |Username | { 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 |} |Minimap [-]| |HP:######/######| {___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|____|} | | |SP:######/######| | | | |
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