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  1. naaaaaa Im gunna have to say that my fav anime of the .hacks is . hack roots
  2. when is it gonna be available for us i was told like 5months ago and its still not ready
  3. hahah, ima promote this site . everyone is so friendly !!!! thats what makes a good server
  4. actually the application would be just like that , I used to run my own ro server anyway, it wouldnt damage the server but there is a risk of it not working but thats the only risk LOL anyway i had not read any other post.
  5. REBOOT the server so we can play the game for real i really wanna play the game like everyone else does. so reboot the server and we should be able to play !.
  6. Hi my names kyo. I'm obsessed with .hack and I cant stop playing the games :D, I look forward to meeting new friends and having a great time on the game . things u should know a bout me i hate pkers i love protecting and teaching new people. and i love people .
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