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  1. lol i love how you can allways make what ??? is more mysterious :D
  2. OK thanks Luke :P just thought i would ask because most of the time i watch them on youtube but origins doesn't seem to be on there. =( PS if any one dose know a plase please just like Luke sead keep it legal :D
  3. OK that is what i was thinking Luke well that gives me time to learn more coding in C++ and i think this is on every ones mind is there any chance that the next clue will be out this month. i know that you don't like saying so just thought i would ask
  4. lol, he does look not as cool as from the others. maybe this takes please before he gets his wings (dang that was so cliche)
  5. just wondering dose any one know a please on the internet i can see all of the episodes? please and thank you. :D
  6. lol thanks :D but the hard part just like every thing for this game is going to be the codeing if a program in C++ can even be used for the game in this way. I'm just waiting to hear what people like Luke and rhaps think. O and i have to learn what is the best way to do this when using C++ but I have some ideas. :X lol by the way who ever put the spell check in hear THANK YOU lol i stink at spelling some words
  7. lol I'm not talking about any thing like the mapmaking program we have now. this one would make simple maps no buildings just scenery with out any help from a person. i think this will allow the mapmakers like you and the other to focus of making maps that kick butt like dungons, event maps and even more Rte towns if necessary.
  8. i was thinking of doing it my self and letting luke use it :D thats all. i have a lot of time on my hands ;-; that is why i want to help so bad in some way and because i realy want this game to be as awsome as it can with :D or with out me :P
  9. OK so i am a thinker lets get that out of the way :D. i was thinking, why cant we have a program to make some basic maps :'O. i have talked to my dad who has more knowledge about programing in C++ than i do and he said that it is possible to make a program like this. now i just want to say that i am not trying to get rid of the mappers I'm just trying to let them do what they do best and make awesome detailed maps :P. Rhaps, Luke sense you know more about this game than any one else i was wondering if you could tell me of this was possible and if not than at least i got it out of my mind be
  10. hi again i was wondering are there any places that are not listed when you start the game that i should see. the reason i ask is that i hear people talk about places that i haven't seen. PS can any one tell me what that flying B in Hulle Granz Cathedral is about i cant for the life of me figure it out?
  11. ahhh i have to catch up i have so many .hacks to see lol :D and yes the new Kite dose look differint but i like it from the picks i have seen from the other seres he looks kind of sad or older be in this one he looks new and happy. PS i now realise that that was wrong
  12. Wrong Which - 1,000 points. lol :D thank for that. FYI i love your user name and code geaus if im spelling that right
  13. still have no idea what it is but can wait :D
  14. ok thanks crim :D but just so i know witch .hack//sign there are a lot? :'|
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