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  1. Malcum

    Puzzle Piece #6.

    not sure what u mean by that >.>
  2. Malcum

    Puzzle Piece #6.

    i want to say these hints are related to the Epitaph of Twilight just a guess i was looking at the "episodes" ( i think they are episodes idk) .hack//Liminality and in it it mentions the poem, it speaks of the wave that consist of 8 people (i use people loosely) i really think it can help look at it yourselves ( hope what i found is like helps someone else on the answer) Unknown where the Cursed Wave was born? After the stars doth cross the heavens, The sky in the East doth darken and air doth fill with mourning. From the chosen land beyond the forest, a sign of th
  3. oh i played it first day came out in America :D
  4. im new and ive been trying to play for like 2 days but no one is on and i dont see any monsters in the other 2 areas there are no one in the shops and im the only one on whenever i play so where the hell is everyone
  5. ive been playing this game a few days but i never see anyone on y is that
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